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OnlineFNPPrograms.com was created to help students during their research of online FNP programs and related online APRN degree programs. Our goal in creating this site was to create the only comprehensive directory of accredited online FNP programs available on the Internet, and to supplement this directory with useful FAQs, interviews, and informational articles about accreditation and careers in nursing. We believe we have achieved our goal, and are continually working to update the listings and resources on the site.

On OnlineFNPPrograms.com, our top priority is providing nursing students with unbiased quality content about online nursing programs. To achieve this goal, all schools are listed in alphabetical order; we do not create “Top 10” lists filled with paid advertisers. In addition, to create our directory of online programs, we conducted our own research combining multiple sources and contacted dozens of universities with program specific questions.

On OnlineFNPPrograms.com, we care about your feedback. If you find something that is incorrect or outdated on our site, we want to know. Furthermore, if you feel that we are missing important content or would like us to feature a school that is not currently in our directory, please do contact us here, and we will do our best to add your suggested content as we continue to develop and improve our site.

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About the Author: Aaron Tooley, PhD.

aaron-photo-100x100OnlineFNPPrograms.com was created by Aaron Tooley, PhD, an expert in building high-quality websites with best-in-class content. Aaron is dedicated to helping students make sound decisions about degree programs that best align with their career goals, and has a passion for conducting in-depth research to ensure his sites provide informative, relevant, and unbiased content for his readers.

Aaron received his bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, and earned his PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UCSF. After 10+ years in research, he left academia for a career in online media and marketing, during which he managed content strategy for websites in a variety of industries such as life-science products, career-focused education, and laboratory equipment. After the birth of his first child, Aaron decided to leave his last corporate role and launch acgtMedia, LLC.

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