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The nursing profession is a dynamic field of practice that is experiencing rapid growth. Advanced practice nurses in both clinical and nursing leadership roles are taking on more autonomy and responsibility, and may also face changes in their credentialing requirements in the coming years. To help RNs and APRNs stay abreast of the developments taking place in their field, OnlineFNPPrograms.com created this Features section. Features is dedicated to articles on the latest trends in advanced practice nursing, such as upcoming changes to APRN certifications and key issues that APRNs of different specializations may face on the job.

We continually research new topics in the advanced practice nursing field to update this section with fresh content. We are also open to suggestions for our in-depth research articles, so feel free to contact us if you have a nursing topic you would like us to investigate and write about in the future.

Advice for Prospective Online Graduate Nursing Students

This article features advice on pursuing a graduate nursing degree online from alumni of actual online MSN and DNP programs.

APRN Scope of Practice: A Guide for Graduate Nursing Students and Practicing APRNs

This in-depth research article discusses the landscape of APRN scope of practice, and explains how APRNs can get involved in advocacy efforts for increased practice privileges.

Navigating the Transition from RN to APRN: A Guide for Graduate Nursing Students

This Guide provides detailed advice to graduate nursing students regarding the skills they need to build to successfully step into the role of advanced practice provider.

The Benefits of Campus Visits in Online Graduate Nursing Programs (MSN and DNP)

In this article, former online graduate nursing students discuss their experiences with the campus-based sessions included in their program.

The Pros and Cons of Online Graduate Nursing Programs

This article explores the advantages and challenges of earning a graduate nursing degree online, featuring firsthand accounts from alumni of online programs.