The school data provided on OnlineFNPPrograms.com were acquired from accredited nursing school websites, and through discussions with program administrators and admission advisors at individual schools. Information about available accredited online FNP programs nationwide was obtained by researching program listings on the CCNE and ACEN websites, and through searches on the World Wide Web. Schools that would like to be added to our site’s listings or wish to update their information can contact us directly here.

Geographic Restrictions in Online Degree Programs: State Authorizations

Independent of accreditation, online nursing schools must receive state authorization in order to operate in and accept students from a given state. The authorization requirements that these programs must fulfill vary by state (some programs may be exempt from these requirements) and some states may require universities to seek multiple approvals from different state agencies before they can start offering online programs to students in that state. Universities that offer online nursing programs are responsible for seeking these authorizations and typically will not enroll a student from a state in which they have not yet been granted approval.

While we have done our best to disclose which online nursing programs have geographic restrictions, we do not guarantee the accuracy of this information as geographic restrictions can change over time due to shifts in state regulations. Prospective students should contact the admissions office at the schools that interest them to determine if they are eligible for admission, based off of their state of residence, before applying.


  • Licensing Requirements: As licensing requirements for FNPs and other APRNs vary by state, prospective students should confirm with their state’s Board of Nursing to ensure that the online nursing programs they are interested in meet their state’s requirements for APRN licensure.
  • National Certification Requirements: Students who wish to receive national certification in their desired APRN specialty from the ANCC or AANPCP should check the requirements of these organizations and confirm that the programs they are considering meet these requirements.
  • Clinical Hours: All accredited online FNP programs and other online APRN programs require students to complete clinical hours as part of their degree program. In order to complete the number of required hours, students may need to work multiple days per week depending on the program.
  • Tuition Costs: Tuition rates displayed on OnlineFNPPrograms.com are not guaranteed, and may not include university fees or other expenses. The majority of schools revisit tuition costs on a yearly basis, so applicants should check with their schools of interest regarding the most current tuition costs and program expenses.
  • Admissions Policies: The majority of accredited online graduate nursing programs have admissions processes that are just as selective as those of on-campus programs. As a result, even students who meet the minimum admission criteria of a given online nursing program are not guaranteed admission.
  • Campus Visits Requirements: OnlineFNPPrograms.com classifies an online FNP program as one that requires three or fewer visits to campus per year. However, as schools regularly update their programs and class requirements can vary by professor, we do not guarantee that the programs listed on the site meet this classification and will not require more than three visits to campus per year at any point in time during the program. Students should check with the schools that interest them for the most up-to-date and accurate information on campus visit requirements.
  • Travel Expenses for Campus Visits and Clinical Placements: Students should note that they are typically responsible for their own travel expenses when fulfilling their clinical placements and attending mandatory on-campus visits. These expenses are usually not included in the cost of tuition or in university fees.

While we do our best to ensure that the information we provide on OnlineFNPPrograms.com is correct and current, we do not guarantee that the data present on the site is accurate and up-to-date, as universities, state boards of nursing, and accrediting organizations are often in a continual process of updating their regulations and policies. Data on our site should only be used as a guide during students’ research of online FNP and other advanced nursing programs. Prospective applicants should contact schools directly for the most current information about specific degree programs, course offerings, admission requirements, tuition rates, program lengths, start dates, program outcomes, and geographic restrictions.