Guides to Graduate Nursing Education’s mission is to provide thorough and well-researched information about graduate nursing programs to help prospective students make informed decisions about graduate school. We are also dedicated to helping students make the most of their academic and clinical experiences once they are enrolled in a graduate program. To help RNs at every stage of their graduate education, we created a section dedicated to guides about graduate nursing education, which includes detailed guides on Online MSN Programs, Online DNP Programs, and Graduate Clinical Placements, as well as other feature articles on topics that are relevant to graduate nursing students’ experiences.

We feature exclusive interviews with nursing program faculty, advanced practice registered nurses, and experienced preceptors to ensure that our readers receive the most candid, relevant, and up-to-date information in our graduate nursing guides. Check back as we will be adding more guides over time.

The Graduate Nursing Student’s Guide to Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are an important but challenging component of graduate nursing students’ education. Our guide explains the process of securing clinical placement sites and preceptors, and also advises students on making the most of their clinical rotations.

The Complete Guide to MSN Programs: Online, Campus, and Hybrid

Our Guide to MSN programs provides important information for prospective students, including the main types of MSN programs, typical admission requirements, and how students can navigate their clinical practicums.

The Complete Guide to DNP Programs: Online, Campus, and Hybrid

Our Guide to DNP Programs provides important information for individuals who are interested in enrolling in a DNP program, including the types of DNP programs that are available, admission requirements, and clinical practicum considerations.

The Complete Guide to RN to MSN Programs: ADN to MSN, Bridge Programs

Our Guide to RN to MSN Programs provides detailed information about RN to MSN program concentration options, curricular structure, clinical practicum requirements, and admissions considerations.