School Interviews’s mission is to support prospective MSN students in finding online graduate nursing programs that best fit their needs and goals. To accomplish this, we have created a faculty interview series featuring in-depth interviews with professors, deans, and other faculty members at online MSN programs across the country. In these interviews, faculty provide both current and prospective MSN students with important information such as:

  • How their MSN program is structured and what the core academic requirements are
  • The pros and cons associated with attending an MSN program online versus on-campus
  • Advice for students on making the most of one’s clinical practicums
  • Advice for students on managing their time while completing an MSN program
  • How students can put their best foot forward in their MSN applications

Dr. Debbie J. Ciesielka
Clarion University: Interview with Dr. Debbie J. Ciesielka – Coordinator of the Joint Online Family Nurse Practitioner ProgramClarion University and Edinboro University offer a joint online FNP program.“We remain true to our mission of preparing graduates who give back to the communities where they live, particularly communities with unmet health care needs.”
Dr. Jan Rice
Graceland University: Interview with Dr. Jan Rice – Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing ProgramsGraceland University offers a full-time and part-time online FNP program.“Experience, quality and commitment to excellence are what set Graceland University School of Nursing apart. We were among the first to offer online education and have been ranked in the top 10 of online nursing programs by US News and World Report.”
Rachel Borton
Bradley University: Interview with Rachel Borton – Assistant Professor and Director of FNP Online ProgramsBradley University offers three online FNP tracks: BSN to MSN, post-MSN and BSN to DNP. “This program is geared toward the working adult learner. The student will never be required to attend any classes at certain times.”
Dr. Katherine Pereira
Duke University: Interview with Dr. Katherine Pereira – Faculty Coordinator of the Distance-Based FNP ProgramDuke University offers distance based online graduate nursing programs.“Our curriculum arms our graduates with the tools to be competent, confident clinicians in a rapidly changing health care landscape.”
Dr. Kelly Skinner
University of Central Missouri: Interview with Dr. Kelly Skinner – Director of the Family Nurse Practitioner ProgramThe University of Central Missouri offers and online MSN-FNP Program“The University of Central Missouri’s online MSN program focuses on cultivating the necessary skills, knowledge, and perspectives for advanced practice nursing…”
Dr. Laurie Anne Ferguson
Loyola University New Orleans: Interview with Dr. Laurie Anne Ferguson – Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the DNP ProgramLoyola University New Orleans offers MSN and BSN to DNP online FNP programs.“Loyola has a solid track record of providing a quality education and producing excellent FNPs… It is important to assess faculty qualifications, accreditation, and certification exam pass rates, in addition to other factors in choosing a program.”